GNSS technology is currently widely used by Timing and Synchronisation user community because capable to provide timing services granting time, phase and frequency network synchronisation.

GNSS General Architecture

Unavailability of synchronisation due to unintentional or intentional interferences and/or spoofing of GNSS signal can cause economic losses due to disruption of the services. The proposed GIANO  technological solution will provide benefits to the operators (e.g. energy, finance, TLCs) by increasing the robustness of the system.

The GIANO platform exploits state-of-the-art multi-GNSS (GPS/Galileo/EGNOS), multi-frequency (L1/E1, L5/E5a, E6) receiver with high RF flexibility achieved through an innovative Direct-Sampling and Digital Down-Conversion approach. Other platform key elements enabling resilience and time integrity against Jamming and Spoofing threats are Galileo OS authentication and T-RAIM algorithms.
Digital Time-Steering and/or Holdover mode are transparent timing output towards users.

GIANO will be extensively tested and validated through involvement of experts and support of National Metrological (SRC-PAS, INRIM) and European laboratories (JRC).