Here you can find any news on GIANO project, including press releases, publications and results.

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Newsletter 4th edition is here!

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Currently a journal article about us will be published on “GPS Solution“, please stay tuned!

Inside GNSS” published a web article about GIANO to disseminate main goals and achievements reached so far by the Consortium, emphasising the value of GIANO for future Galileo-based timing receivers, offer-ing improved resilience and accuracy at a reasonable cost.

GPS World” talked about us! Go to the following link to read the article!

It is also available an article published by GSA (European GNSS Agency) in which a high-level description of our project is presented. Go to the following link to discover more information!

A survey is available for those who wants to help us gathering more relevant information on Timing and Synchronisation matters.

Newsletter Second Edition – April 2020

Newsletter First Edition – November 2019